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Incasu is a well-organized and competent software development company, with expertise that include investment banking, insurance, logistical operations, and more. Our teams develop and support various successful systems running on desktop, mobile ,and web. Being data-focused, our solutions all have a solid representation of the underlying business, whether it’s at the originating point of data, the flow of data through integration, or the visual display of data through dashboards and reports.
Data is the new gold. Any business can make use of it to gain a competitive edge, and we have the solutions to make that happen.

Our Company Goals



We aim to be leaders in data and information management, helping customers manage their total data life cycle, by upholding a reputation of professionalism, quality and innovation.



We strive to provide customers with the best data management services needed for them to be very effective and profitable.



We value partnerships because we know that growth comes through strong relationships and sharing common goals. That our successes are related to the successes of our partners with cost effective efficient problem solutions will always strengthen relationships. For that we continue to strive for constant improvement in the quality of our solutions and goals.

We Use The Best Tools To Ensure Your Success   

Meet Our Management


Founder & Managing Director

As a systems architect I have always wanted to be one step ahead of the requirements. There is always something that can be simplified or generalised to reach a wider set of objectives. And that has been the focus of our company’s products – simple, expandable, cost effective and value for money.
As CEO of Incasu I try to invest values of integrity, hard work and enjoyment of life to my fellow colleagues. Similarly to our clients, there is an effort to go the extra mile with them.
My experience stretches over more than 30 years in the software industry that includes several mainstream industries like banking, accounting, and insurance.

Benefits for Future Clients


Considerable range of technical knowledge and experience


Fixed costs for easier budgeting


Timely response to issues


Agile mindset supported by well-established ways of working

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