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Founded in 2000, Incasu started with the development and support of software used by local Corporate and Investment Banks in their middle- and back-office departments, managing long-termed deals from end to end.

Our staff still provides on-site support for our software, within a very dynamic and fast-moving business environment. We have recently augmented our software skills with financing skills. We believe that the two areas of expertise combine well where a company is need of financial/integration software, and financing of their growth can be managed by our software.

The company is in Centurion in Gauteng, and we currently have clients across Gauteng. Our staff complement is about 15, of which the biggest part is directly allocated to client projects.


Our Own Suite of Products

  1. Topaz
    Topaz is an all-inclusive financial system for back-office, that supports all deal-booking functions, from client take-on to after maturity.
  2. Integrat
    Integrat is a highly customizable integration utility, that gives you the virtual workforce to automate and drive the business forward.
  3. RMT
    RMT is a monitoring tool on MS Windows that can be configured to check and escalat problems with services, processes, folders, files, connections and more. It is highly customisable with a very small footprint.
  4. RWA
    RWA can be used to analyse financial assets and create a digital playground to find the optimal position for current assets. It is 100% Basel II regulation compliant.
  5. VEBI
    VEBI is a vehicle booking system that is designed to replace the age-old paper checking procedures with new reliable digital systems allowing managers to have complete knowledge about the condition of the company’s vehicles.
    More information go to http://vebi.incasudynamics.co.za.
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Clarion Software Reseller

Incasu is the reseller of the Clarion suite of programming tools provided by SoftVelocity Inc. from the USA. Clarion has proven itself through the years to be a tool that provides the ability for business solutions to be stable and easily expandable.

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Programming Technologies We Use

Our programming expertise currently range from Microsoft C#, SQL, Clarion, Javascript, ASP.Net, AngularJS and Angular 4. We also have an inhouse design team that look after the UX, creating beautiful and efficient environments that make your employees and clients feel comfortable.

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