A KitKat® Has Nothing On INTEGRAT

It’s the middle of the year, you feel like your tank is running empty and the year is starting to run away from you at a speed where you just need to hold on for dear life. You look forward to the weekend to top up your energy just to imagine the feeling of a holiday a little bit no matter how short. Need a break? You need INTEGRAT!

INTEGRAT Integrates With Your Work To Free Up Your Time

When you are working on an important document that a client is waiting for, you still need to attend to the 10 other daily tasks, a KitKat® will give you a break for about 5 minutes and then you still have to do all the work. INTEGRAT can free up your time AND do the work for you! While cost-cutting and budgeting are frequently used terms, your KitKat® chocolates may add up to a substantial amount, not to mention extra hours to make up for all the breaks you’ve been taking. Automating and autonomous on the other hand are terms we hear more and more of and that’s where INTEGRAT comes in.

INTEGRAT has the ability to let your daily processes run by itself and free up your hands to do other tasks.

  • You have a meeting at the same time as when your daily report needs to be emailed out?
  • The person who is in charge of setting a process in motion or dropping a file in a certain folder is on leave?
  • Do you have multiple processes that need to run at the same time?
  • You have numerous clients requiring data to be fed from one system to another?

INTEGRAT will take care of all these requirements, fully automated, so you can free up time to do other things. Whether you have other business to attend to, or if you just need to take a break (maybe even a KitKat®?). INTEGRAT won’t judge.

Contact our team today to find out more about how integration with INTEGRAT can help you free up your time and have a more productive day, every day.

The phenomenal INSIGHT you will get from our team is sure to open up a whole new world for your business.

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