Analyse The Data Devil

We have all most like heard the quote: “The devil is in the details.” This can be interpreted in many of our daily lives and most definitely (some more so than others) in businesses. When looking at something as a whole, the big picture may seem very impressive and something to aspire to. However, if you were to analyse that big picture, you would most likely find many finer details that would expose some (sometimes very worrying) imperfections.

There was a lady who bought a cactus from a nursery and took it home. While she had the cactus at her home, she noticed something very peculiar. It seemed like the cactus was breathing. Long story short; she phoned the nursery, the cactus happened to explode and it ended up that the cactus was filled with thousands of scorpions.

Although this is just (one version of) a scary urban legend, the same can happen (and very often does) in scenarios around us every day. This makes it all the more important that we know every bit of our business to the finest detail. What may seem like a beautiful picture, could very well be consisted of something concerning at the core. Having a large amount of accumulated data on our business from all the years, it could become easier to miss vital information. With such a large volume of information to sift through, how do you discover the details of what happened in the past, what is currently happening, and what could very possibly happen in the future? Analysing that large amount of data is critical to know your business inside out.

Detecting The Devil In Your Data

While working with your data on a day-to-day basis, you can get used to what you’re seeing. You know exactly what the big picture of you company is, and you know where to find what and in the grand scheme of things, it is a glorious operation. When looking at the total figures that matter most, all is pointing in the right direction. Profits are up from last quarter and business is booming. So what’s this business with “analyse the data devil” then?

We are in a generation where everything is becoming digital and data driven. With the enormous amount of data that we are dealing with, big data becomes more and more prominent. Just like with an oil painting; when you look at the picture from a distance, it is absolutely stunning and seems perfect. Each stroke has its place, and it looks flawless. It’s only when you take a closer look that the imperfections are revealed. Similarly, with your business’s data, it is only when analysing the finer details that you can find the issues that lie beneath the surface of the once thought “perfect picture”.

Insight Analytics Finds The Devil In Your Data

Insight Analytics is a service with which we at Incasu will delve deeply into the details of your data to expose the hidden trends and outliers that usually go amiss with the day-to-day operations of your business. With our various actuarial models, methods and business analysis techniques, we will determine what happened in your business’s data and also why it happened. We will then look into what will likely happen in the future of your business (relative to your data and the industry of your business), and we can also make informed suggestions as to what could be done to benefit your business the best.

Should there be any causes for concern within your data, our team of actuarial- and business specialists are sure to find the cause(s) in order for you to make timely and informed decisions in order to have the best outcome for your business. Contact us today and discuss the various options that we can identify and analyse the devil in your data details.

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