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Insight Analytics is Reporting as a Service

Data and figures can become overwhelming. Not only in a large corporation, but also in any SMB where day to day numbers can become a maze in which you lose sight of what the numbers really mean.

As a person in a managerial role, it is of the utmost importance that you have a full understanding of the status of the business. Insight Analytics will point out the important factors at a glance.

Every business is different, with unique data which tells its own story. With our team of highly skilled actuaries, mathematicians, business professionals and software developers, your custom-built analytical reports will shed light on some hidden areas of your data.

Analytical Reporting as a Service (ARaaS) will not only help expose the hidden trends and outliers obscured in the mass of data. ARaaS will also aid you in finding useful analytical statistics and to understand the complex areas better.

Using your raw data, we analyse your day-to-day information and draw up statistical reports that will expose some of the KPIs that you might know about and some additional figures that you might not have thought about.

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Insight Analytic Methods

descriptive insight analytics


We delve into your data and analyse what occurrences took place. We also identify the main aspects affected and if there are areas of concern.

diagnostic insight analytics


Certain techniques can also be used in order to determine why specific events took place. Some occurrences cannot be prevented, but we do thorough analytics on your data to find the cause.

predictive insight analytics


Based on the insight gained from the analytics of your data, we can give projections on what could possibly happen. This will aid as a guide into making clear and informed decisions.

prescriptive insight analytics


Knowing what your business’s data portrays, we can then supply you with informed guidance as to what to do in the future in accordance with what your data indicates.

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