Integrat Software Package

Integrat is a software package that can be configured to run any number of individual tasks – or in concert to achieve a business transaction goal. It provides interaction with many data source types like databases, e-mail, websites, USSD and more. Integrat applications can be changed and enhanced as your business changes and grows. Integrat comes with an annual server license for an unlimited number of processes.

Integrat is a single software utility that provides non-invasive extra functionality to existing business systems like data reconciliation, reporting and more, that integrates data between disparate systems from manufacturing to accounting, monitors business information and report exceptions.

It is lightweight and does not require expensive hardware. Integrat’s processing logic is easy to define and adaptable as your business changes. Quick to implement and yields substantial returns on your investment.

  • Independent back-end processing
  • Connections between system processes

  • Configurable to run any number of tasks

  • HTTP interface

  • Fully customisable according to business needs

  • Provides interaction with a variety of data sources


Our Results-Driven Process

1. Engage

Incasu engages with the client by providing a fixed-cost quotation based on the provided business requirement.

2. Customize

The solution may also include custom-developed front-end systems for user-intervention into the automated processing.

3. Training

Training provided to technical and business teams, as well as electronic documents and classroom training sessions where needed.

4. Implementation

Implementation can be a phased process, followed by system support spread over several months.

5. Enhancements

Ongoing enhancements to be integrated solution can form part or the original agreement, or may be done when needed.




Where Integrat has been Used

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