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Systems Integration

  • Systems integration is the process of linking together different systems or subsystems in such a way that it can act as a coordinated whole.
  • It can range from a very simple interaction, to a more complex process where several interaction points are required and a specific set of processing requirements exist.
  • Incasu has been involved in several successful projects to integrate separate systems into a unit, or to provide additional back-end functionality to systems where the processing is non-invasive and independent from existing processes.
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Software Development

  • Incasu has a proven track record built up over more than 15 years in the cost-effective development and support of custom software.
  • Our expertise is with Windows-based software for servers, desktop and hand-held devices.
  • Despite the availability of numerous off the shelf software packages, the deterring factors for customers not to use them in many cases have been the high cost of these packages as well as custom functionality that off the shelf packages don’t always provide.
  • Combined with systems integration, Incasu has provided clients with stable and tightly integrated solutions, providing cost savings and business processing stability.
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Clarion Reseller

  • Incasu is the preferred reseller in Southern Africa of the Clarion programming suite of products.
  • Our price list includes Clarion Win32 licenses, as well as Application Broker for web development, database drivers like the In-Memory Driver, IP Driver and Data Server and the Dynamic File driver for Clarion.
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Software Products

  • Incasu has several software products available for commercial use.
  • The values we embed into all of our software products are stability, configurability and cost-effectiveness.
  • With the long-time experience gained from the services we’ve provided to large corporate clients, our software products can be used by any size company, large or small.
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