Topaz Is The Cash- and Loan Managment Tool You Need

At its core Topaz houses cash- and loan management information of deals, clients, documents, accounts, accounting entries, financial models and more – on which standard transacting and reporting can be done.

Using configurable components, it’s possible to add the following to different levels in Topaz, to fit business:

  • Custom fields
  • Documents
  • Reminders
  • Reports
  • Custom Screens
  • BI Dashboards and more

On top of all, a workflow engine allows for further customization of business processes, to form an integrated end-to-end solution for business.

Implementation Benefits


Feeds to external systems via HTTP REST, CSV, Excel etc.


Import rates and prices from external sources.


Custom back-end automation processes.

Who can use Topaz

Topaz can be used by any business that needs to track its assets and liabilities in terms of deals over time, where a portfolio view of these deals provides a segregated as well as a total picture of the business.

Industries for which Topaz can easily be configured for:

  • Investment Banking

  • Funds Management

  • Insurance

By using the configurable components in Topaz, it’s possible however to provide a solution for most types of financial processing environments, where operational requirements are peculiar to the industry and requires a custom solution.

How can Topaz be used



With Topaz it’s possible to extend its use across different products, without the need to acquire a new system for every new or changed product.



Access control is implemented in the application level and can be adjusted to map to an enterprise model used across all systems. It can then be configured to only make available the correct information for the correct stakeholder.



In Topaz, all processes are implicitly documented within the workflow module and all changes to a process are documented as part of a change management process. It saves businesses the cost to maintain a separate set of manuals. There are also live models that can be used for staff training.
Topaz allows for all original business documents related to research, product development, governance etc. to be stored safely in Topaz for future reference.


Response to

The various building blocks provide a means to implement a custom Agile approach for the business, to make change-management quick and effective. With the correct input from the business, new or changed business processes can be implemented fast and effectively.


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