What is Consulting Software Architecture

Over the years, software architecture has evolved to a great extent leading us to where we are today. In a highly competitive digital landscape where every organization depends on information technology and software products to differentiate themselves by ensuring that they have a robust and up-to-date software architecture methodology to meet business needs.
That is why a software development project requires a proper plan and detailed framework before stepping into the development phase. That is where Software Architecture plays such an imperative role as it represents a set of high-level structural components and design solutions that is are used for creating the software systems by breaking it down into a step-by-step framework to be built. The purpose of the software and its specific functionalities are entirely defined by the software’s architectural style and pattern to ensure that it is capable of fulfilling the tasks it is designed for.
At Incasu we offer full-scale software architectural consulting services for both existing and new systems. The aim is to create scalable and compatible systems that are flexible and customizable solutions, that can fulfill existing software eco- systems but also allow space to evolve.

Consulting Services Include

Software Architecture Consulting

Are you looking for an efficient IT solution or a way to change your enterprise computing environment?
Our experts offer flexible and customisable architectural solutions that will enhance your complex software architecture for both new and outdated legacy IT systems.

Business Software Consulting

Incasu also deals with business architectural software development and implementation. With our knowledge and experience, we drive new development. We are always ready to help when enterprises need to decide on software or IT products.

Advantages of improving your system architecture

Design individual solutions depending on the framework, language or features that you are looking for.

Establish proven methodologies to customize the existing or create a new architecture from the ground up.

We do extensive research to evaluate the expected performance level while eliminating security and other vital issues.

Focus on the design of architecture, evaluation and integration to shape the development of a strategic transformation.

Our Customer Development Process


Consulting and Analysis

We take the time to understand your business and evaluate the results you’re targeting. It allows us to suggest the best way forward, based on your project requirement and formulate a roadmap for the project.


UI/UX Design & Prototyping

The next step is to turn the roadmap into a responsive design plan by creating a product prototype to establish an intuitive digital experience and simulate the flow to ensure a successful outcome.


Software Development

In this stage, we choose the best programming tools that suits your requirements and start with the analysis and design, progressing then to the front and back-end development.


Quality Assurance Testing

QA testing plays a very important role in product success, that is why our team works vigorously on internal quality assurance, and testing at every stage of product development. We endeavor to ensure that all problems/bugs or errors are found and fixed before we submit the final product.


Deployment and Support

During this stage, we take the site to a live environment offering the operational and necessary departments the opportunity to test. With a few last requirements arising we take note and change them as much as possible to fit the client’s requirements. At the end of this phase, the development team hands over all aspects of the project to the client, and we stand by to support when needed.

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