About Clarion

Programming Licences

Clarion can work with any database, whether it’s an SQL backend or a local ISAM file, it’s all the same to Clarion. You can import from any existing data store or define the exact data definition that you need using the Data Dictionary component. The Clarion Data Dictionary is the heart of every project. More information go to Softvelocity.

Key Benefits



Easy-to-use Wizards that helps you create a complete app, ready to
perform in the real world without
writing any code.

Clarion Apps generates more than just a prototype or starting point, it is fully capable of powering any
business that deals with data.



Clarion generates code from templates that do all the heavy lifting. Using the simple Wizard interface for you to spec out how the app should behave The AppGen and Templates then takes over from there and within seconds you have a bug-free app.


When You
Need Help

The Clarion subscription includes a community of developers from around the world, along with our developers and support staff, provide FREE help in the Clarion forums.


Clarion Subscription

Our price list includes Clarion Win32 licenses, as well as Application Broker for web development, database drivers like the In-Memory Driver, IP Driver and Data Server and the Dynamic File driver for Clarion.

Do You Have A Challenge For Us?

To find out if we’re the right fit for your project, one of our
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