Unlocking Business Potential: No matter your database type, Incasu offers the perfect solution with Clarion.





What I should know about Clarion?

Incasu brings over 20 years of expertise in Clarion development, delivering timely and budget-friendly solutions for projects of any scale. Specialising in the latest Clarion versions, we excel in database solutions for desktop, web, and API servers, primarily on MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL. As Clarion resellers in Southern Africa, we provide comprehensive consultation and backup services, ensuring continuity and support even when developers move on. Trust us to seamlessly takeover existing Clarion solutions or transition to alternative development tools, backed by our extensive experience and dedicated team.


Why Choose Incasu?

• Competitive Edge: Leverage your data assets for strategic advantage.

• Reliable Support: We’re not just developers; we’re partners.

• Future-Ready: Our systems adapt and evolve with your business.

Do I need a Clarion Solution?

Clarion solutions are primarily used for rapid application development (RAD) of database-driven business applications. These applications excel in creating software for managing data, automating processes, and building scalable custom business solutions quickly and efficiently. Typical applications include CRM systems, inventory management, accounting software, and various enterprise-level applications where database integration and user-friendly interfaces are crucial.

Let’s streamline your database-driven applications to deliver robust business solutions.

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