What is Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process that can be broken down into two distinct parts. The first part is to collect, transform and analyse the data from internal and external systems. This is a crucial step in any BI application to ensure that the data elements are correct, broken down to the lowest level and possibly linked to each other to provide intuitive information. The second part is to present the information on reports and dashboards sometimes displayed as visual aids to highlight key areas that need attention.
BI ultimately gives decision-makers the information they (sometimes unknowingly) need quickly and accurately on an interactive platform.
With over 20 years of experience in BI solutions and providing banks with IT services. Incasu bridges the gap between strategy and execution.

Our Business Intelligence Services

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Insight – Business Intelligence Software Tools

Insight is a well-established cloud-based analytics and business intelligence platform. Incasu offers an advanced E2E solution designed for comprehensive reporting, analysis, data visualization, and an approach based on extensive automation technologies.

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Custom Business Intelligence Application Development

If you need custom BI software, you know your needs and requirements better than anyone else. At Incasu we understand that the off-the-shelf version rarely solves every problem because every business is different. That’s why we develop fully custom, highly scalable BI solutions that support your team’s decision making process with a data-driven approach.

Key Benefits of Business Intelligence


Fast Deployment

We pride ourselves on a speedy deployment process, to get you working with your data as soon as possible.


Informative Visuals

Get to the bottom line through comprehendible visuals. Let Insight take care of any complex calculations and rules so you can focus on what matters most.


Multiple Views of Your Data

Insight can provide viewpoints on multiple business focuses and areas, allowing you to examine the data from multiple angles and levels of detail.


Report Automation

Free up time and let Insight take care of your reports. With report scheduling, you can set up reports that will automatically be delivered at the time of your choosing.


One Portal For All Your Data

Have access to all your data on a single platform. No need to manually combine data from different sources for reports, as Insight does this for you.


Know When Key Events Happen

Get notified when specific events happen in your business. Insight keeps track of this information and lets you know about important occurrences in your data.

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